Simon Godfrey appointed as Managing Director

May 23rd, 2019
Edenbrook Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Godfrey as Managing Director. This follows Patrick Goodwin's decision to leave the business to pursue other interests. We wish Patrick well in his future endeavours. Simon has been with Edenbrook since 2011 and has a wealth of experience both within the insurance industry and as a team leader. He has 11 years’ experience recruiting within the Ins... more

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries appeals £38,000 ‘direct discrimination’ payout

People - postonline.co.uk | 20 Jan 2020
The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is appealing against an employment tribunal ruling that ordered it to payout nearly £38,000 to a Zurich employee, Post has learned.... more

Analysis: Tackling the skills shortage

People - postonline.co.uk | 20 Jan 2020
The insurance industry is facing a huge skills shortage, with employers struggling to find ways to attract and retain top talent... more

This week: It's all about change

People - postonline.co.uk | 17 Jan 2020
Moving home has to be one of the most annoying and tedious things we have to do. From organising your flat viewings to packing up all your belongings. And honestly who really likes change? It’s much easier to just stay in the place you've grown accustomed to.... more

Blog: How artificial intelligence is altering the landscape of liability for the healthcare industry

People - postonline.co.uk | 17 Jan 2020
Missed, inappropriately delayed, or simply just wrong – these are all types of human diagnostic errors hampering healthcare systems and not only are they more common than you might think, some experts believe these errors to be the third-leading cause of death in the US writes Timothy Boyce, hea... more

Ecclesiastical group compliance director to retire

People - postonline.co.uk | 16 Jan 2020